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It’s a much more thorough process and places your background and core beliefs of high importance during the matching process.

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Another trend is the number of Canadian men and women who now regularly visit Thailand on backpacking trips.The internet and Thai dating and social networking sites have opened up the world to Thais and Canadians interested in international relationships.e Harmony AU Australia is committed to helping Asian singles find love every day.There is now a trend among eligible Thai singles towards using Thai internet dating sites to seek local Thai partners as more educated and younger Thai singles embrace internet dating as a spin off from social networking.However, the same research indicated that Thai women seeking international relationships were more likely to be successful over a fixed period.The extensive e Harmony membership pool is a diverse group of single individuals from all walks of life.

We understand that all ethnicities carry with them a different set of values and beliefs, and that you may therefore be looking for something specific within that pool.

It is certainly not the case that they are subordinate though perhaps they are very gracious,' says the author of a report on the growing ties between Canada and Thailand.

Commercial links between Thailand and Canada have also seen a rise in the number of Canadian ex-pats moving to Thailand.

In Canada, the Thai Buddhist identity has brought such communities together as Canada is a particularly favorable environment for diverse religious and ethnic cultures.

The Canadian government has a very strict immigration code which is designed to protect Thai women from exploitation : The picture that is emerging is that the relationships between Thais and Canadians are becoming more and more one of equals with many Canadians opting to live in Thailand.

That’s why we match you based on these criteria (among many others), going much deeper than other Asian dating sites.