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The guys came over and told me no less than $500 and it will fill up the whole truck.

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Oh, and if you want to keep doing business, pay for your advertising to get your name out there. Yes, there are pickup truck operations out there that don't carry insurance and may not even have 2 men working for them.The collodion process is said to have been invented in 1851, almost simultaneously, by Frederick Scott Archer and Gustave Le Gray.During the subsequent decades, many photographers and experimenters refined or varied the process.The number 1 question to consider asking yourself when scheduling ANY service is "how much is my time worth?" Now break it down this way, pay yourself a reasonable wage and pay a friend a reasonable wage. Make sure you have insurance, general liability and workman's compensation in case there is any damage to the homeowner's property or your employee.The latter made the dry form unsuitable for the usual portraiture work of most professional photographers of the 19th century.

The use of the dry form was therefore mostly confined to landscape photography and other special applications where minutes-long exposure times were tolerable.

I found someone with a small pickup truck that would do it for $75. They get multiple calls from people who have no other way, so with it being one trip for three houses, I shouldnt be paying $50 in gas for them and with it being a big company, I shouldnt solely be paying for their liability.

I understand small companies because they arent big enough to pay for the overhead but if small companies can afford to give cheaper prices, it doesnt make any sense why these people cant.

Collodion process, mostly synonymous with the "collodion wet plate process", requires the photographic material to be coated, sensitized, exposed and developed within the span of about fifteen minutes, necessitating a portable darkroom for use in the field.

Collodion is normally used in its wet form, but can also be used in humid ("preserved") or dry form, at the cost of greatly increased exposure time.

NOW YOU COULD HAVE DONE IT YOUSELF Im going to assume the reason you didn't is you didn't have a truck but you were physically able-- truck rental uhaul $19 a day min.-- insurance $13--fuel round trip $15--hire someone to help 1hr. I own a Junk Removal corporation as well, and people sometimes just don't understand the costs involved. Plus gas, tax, dump fees, insurance, mileage, labor, etc.