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Do not bend the copper wire in the middle of the satellite cable and ensure you screw the connection onto the back of the box until it is secured tightly. Default Transponder Enter set up mode as above locate Tx’ponder and highlight. The frequency should be 12.207, Polarisation V, Symbol rate 27.5, FEC 2/3 Off Mode Reset Press and hold standby on your Sky remote control for five seconds.

Plug in and switch all products on again and confirm that the signal test screen shows the correct results by following the instructions in steps 1-4 again. The power light on the front of your Sky box will go red (off).

Before touching any cables, press the standby button on your Sky remote, and switch off your Sky box and any devices connected to it (TV set, DVD player, games console) at the mains Check that the power light on the front of your Sky box has gone out before proceeding.

Gently unscrew the Dish Input cables connecting your Sky box to the dish.

Check the cable hasn’t come away from the metal housing and that the central nozzle isn’t bent or snapped.