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The process is very thorough, efficient, and professional while adding a personal touch." 75th Birthday Photo Quilt This quilt was made for a 75th birthday present.It includes family photos, and a nice birthday wish in one of the center blocks.

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Each family member and friend who attended his confirmation made a block. The back fabric is covered with band instruments - showing that he enjoys playing the trombone! Graduation Quilt My client transferred the photos to fabric and hand pieced the center section of this quilt. I took it to the place where I purchased the fabric and they went crazy over it. My client asked friends/family to each make a block for this quilt. One of the parents in the class asked me to make this quilt as a gift to the teacher. All of the fabrics in this quilt were selected from Many of the blocks have the buttons and embellishments from the clothing and where possible I also included pockets. He pulled the family photos and did the computer work for a collage of photos in each block. Memory Quilt My client wanted to make something special for her boyfriend on their first year anniversary of dating.Themes for memory quilts include: Click on any photo to make it larger to see more detail. -- Doreen (Washington) Rainbow Charity Quilt Each block on this quilt represents the person's favorite charity.*Photos on this site are ownership of Original Quilts and should not be used without permission. Half of the hand prints on this quilt were completed when my client was young, and the other half were completed recently to complete the quilt. The charity names are each embroidered on the hears, then appliqud onto each block.Throughout you were responsive, professional and most important - caring. The top photo shows the entire quilt, and the bottom photo shows a close up of the detail in the pattern. At the gathering, each person shared their advice for Josh and assured him that he had family and friends around him. Josh's grandmother started the quilt, and Original Quilts finished the quilt. This is a great way to take memories from favorite shirts and display them as a quilt for all to enjoy. It was given as a gift to the grandparents of the family. This quilt was made as a usable quilt for the family to cuddle up in. Photo Quilt This photo quilt has four 8" x 10" photos with a sashing and a border.If you click on the top photo you can see close up the embroidery that says "The Noble Family 2001". There is also a loop sewn on back for easy hanging with a rod. Also, the blue, mauve, and maroon fabrics used are all hand dyed fabrics by the quilt artist.For more information, please see the copyright page. The embroidery/appliqu was completed by Cottonwood Creations. Children's Clothing Quilt My client sent me a box of her daughter's clothes to incorporate into a quilt.

Photo Graduation Quilt This quilt has photos within each block showing the graduate with family and friends. Half of the hand prints on this quilt were completed when my client was young, and the other half were completed recently to complete the quilt. The photo below shows detail of four of the blocks. -- Cindy (Washington) Rainbow Travel Quilt Each block on this quilt represents the person's favorite place to travel. The embroidery was completed by Cottonwood Creations. "Pam communicated with us constantly about the status of our project, any choices or options we might have and gave us access to digital images of her progress. There were many bright red's and blue's so we made this the focus on the quilt.

Do you have a t-shirt collection from rock concerts, auto shows, or marathons that you'd like made into a quilt?

Memory quilts can include photos, t-shirts, sports uniforms, etc.

The bottom photo shows a baby blue full size chenille blanket (shown on a king size bed). Travel Quilt This travel quilt includes photos and t-shirts from places this young boy has visited. Each quilt has a personality all of its own that can evoke strong memories and make us closer to the people we love and want to remember.

These are beautiful thick chenille with cotton batting and flannel backs - and they are quilted together to make nice warm blankets. His mom sent me the t-shirts, and wanted embroidered names of the states where they had traveled. We all have special gifts Photo Lap Quilt This quilt has 14 photos with a sashing and a border. Photo Wallhanging This quilt has 16 photos with a sashing and a border. "Pam agreed to make a quilt for us on short notice due to terminal illness.

We used her jeans for the boarders, and the fabric from her crib bumpers as the binding.