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Three years ago, a serial killer of gay men was lauded in the media for killing three gay men after having sex with them.

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Extremist religiosity of primarily the fundamentialist varieties of both Islam and Christianity drive enough legislators, religious leaders, and laypeople in these societies to keep their "kill the gays" laws and cultural practices alive.According to Despite thousands of American service members' lives lost and tens of billions of dollars spent to help rebuild Afghan society with some level of democracy and respect for women's and other marginalized groups' human rights, Afghanistan's antigay sodomy law remains open to interpretation, depending on which version of Sharia law individual judges subscribe.No official Afghan government executions for sodomy (generally defined as sexual relations between two people of the same sex) have been reported in Afghanistan in recent years.Although it also has a law calling for the killing of people found to have had sexual relations with someone of the same sex, war-torn Yemen is not known to have carried out an officially sanctioned execution of a gay or trans person for being gay or trans.It's not known how many so-called honor killings have been committed against LGBT Yemenis by relatives.However, the self-proclaimed Islamic State in Iraq and Syria has likely executed more people for being gay or for being accused of being gay than any recognized state has done in recent years.

International LGBT rights advocate and blogger Colin Stewart has been monitoring the plight of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people around the world for several years.

Human rights groups say the government's response to violent homophobic crimes like the murder of Xulhaz Manham has been anemic, creating a slippery slope toward an untenable reality for LGBT Bangladeshis.

According to Colin Stewart, there are plenty of other slippery slopes when it comes to countries that "only" oppress LGBT people and governments that simply fail to defend the basic human rights of their gender and sexual minority citizens.

Lesbians and transgender people were also targeted for rape and murder.

The UAE is most famous for its gleaming skyscrapers and its architecturally world-class cities, such as Dubai.

His blog keeps a tally of nations that criminalize gay and trans people for their mere existence.