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Right now you can either activate Antialiasing or Ambient occlusion in Twinity.

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Yet Twinity, isn’t just another Second Life and IMVU, inspired by real life cities, which pays specific attention to the user online community. Interact with people in Twinity and start a friendship in a virtual world with real people.To join the community, download the client, it is easy and quick.Chat, have fun and meet new friends, you can also find your soulmate!If you are in virtual Berlin you can discover Hackescher Höfe, our shopping district in Berlin, featuring 22 great shops in the area.Other than walking down the street, you can also use mini-map to locate the shops.The free apartment will be empty when you recieve it and it is up to you to decide how you want to decorate and furnish it.

Twinity is a mirror world that shows true to scale real cities, like virtual Berlin, virtual London and so on.

The shopping tour is designed for you to experience a more comprehensive Twinity shopping experience.

Create your free avatar and discover our fashion game.

also announced a Facebook application, which monitors online friends and events inworld.“We wanna be part of your life we don’t want to replace your life,” says Wilson. About 15 million.“This sudden spike in growth is happening, it's worth noting, even though "Popular Places" has been removed from the latest version of the viewer.

“There's no way in the world is ever going to compete with Facebook or My Space’s application because they’re very different.”Ditching the 3D world for a text only chat might seem like the virtual folks are running from the core premise and innovation behind the sites. Second Life’s growth plateaued at the end of last year with active users around half a million and 66 thousand on at one time, but last week SL's New World Notes blog announced record numbers of people concurrently logged into the site, with upwards of 68 thousand on Labor Day, and many of SL’s population (which are based in the U. (A tab that's widely blamed for hordes of bots and free money campers employed to artificially drive up a land's Traffic.),” writes Wagner James Au.

And has been laying low, but claims to have a population of over 1 million, and if you include their partner worlds (e.g., Laguna Beach, The Hills, and Pimp My Ride), the numbers rise into the multi-millions.