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It is the product of collaboration between the creative director of the Gucci house Alessandro Michele and perfumer Alberto Morillas. The heat is made of patchouli and the base captures goldenwood and vetiver.From the brand: „Created using a particular blend with a structure that remains unchanged from the first time it is applied to the skin.

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This to me, is one I'd take with me if I had to pick one out of my collection.. It's now getting cold over here and under such weather conditions this thing seems to reach it's full potential.And the color of the juice is lovely, reminding of aged cognac and just as pleasant to savor.So, I got a few samples at Sephora yesterday and I've been wearing this one for two days now. First time really around anyone today and I must say, I've gotten a few very positive reactions from female coworkers (all roughly my age; 30).Otherwise I would not be too sure it's something I'd like to smell to.(I now see this reminds more people of a workshop, wich is kind of cool.) This is a gentleman’s fragrance.The mature one, but quite easy to wear, comparing to woody and leathery powerhouses of the past.

Quite a surprise comparing to Gucci fashions of nowadays, but a real come back to the tradition of fine perfume making.

Well I am one of those people I don't care what people think however I do care what my wife thinks and my wife hates this so I spray this bad boy on when I don't want to deal with her because I know it's going to keep her away however I do love this scent and I do enjoy it.

I where this on cold days when I put my leather jacket on. It doesn’t even smell nice, which is a perfume axiom.

For this purpose, they used two synthetic leather-woody aroma chemicals called Woodleather and Goldenwood. That is something people from Gucci did not dignify us with.

Combined with extremely masculine vetiver and patchouli they made a perfume that according to them is an avant-garde creation for the men of the new era and a future classic. Gucci Guilty Absolute is a perfume equivalent to modern artistic gibberish when a painter instead of painting throws colors, brushes, and water together on the canvas and calls it art.

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