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Activities: We don’t just worship together, we learn, sing, cook, celebrate and more!Click here to see all the events and volunteer opportunities you can get involved in.

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The grounds offer a peaceful and spiritual enlightenment.The outdoor courtyard features a covered patio popular for evening receptions, while the large lawn adjacent to the building offers a spectacular view of Puget Sound as the backdrop for your outdoor wedding.The staff at the ESB will assist you in every way to make sure your event runs smoothly.Their expert staff goes above and beyond to ensure your event is unforgettable.For more information please email or visit the Chambers Bay website.She also invited people she meets to pin up an A4 poster up in their workplaces that reads "only from the perspective of an observer situated on the surface of the earth does day and night occur".

The actions were tracked as they unfolded on a dedicated blog: Working across disciplines Hester fuses elements of performative practice and site-responsive engagement, with a strong sense of materiality, spatial and acoustic awareness.

Our dedication to designing beautiful buildings and bringing them to life knows no bounds, and we’ll go the distance to make sure our creations come to fruition.

With a focus on sustainable projects, community service and corporate stewardship, we strive to create establishments that stand the test of time, to continue serving the purpose for which they were designed.

Architecture in Portland, OR is about more than just designing for aesthetic and longevity—it’s also about designing to meet the needs of occupants and the community.

At Merryman Barnes Architects, Inc., we design more than just beautiful buildings and accommodating spaces: we bring buildings to life that benefit our clients and communities.

The Environmental Services Building (ESB) is a flexible and modern location ideal for your wedding, reception, party or retreat.