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Web camera support is also available in some chat services also.Apart from a tome of knowledge and entertainment, the Internet is nowadays used for social networking also.Chat and instant messaging play an important part in the social networking concept of the Internet. With the possibility of streaming video over the Internet, one can today chat along with showing themselves via a web camera.These websites offer a webcamera chat with their various models once the prospective chatter pays a fee.The charges for these websites can be as high as one dollar per minute.However, these programs are heavily advertised, and there is a chance of adware or spyware being installed on your computer by these programs.

While such live online chat programs are mostly used by individuals for personal purposes, they can also be used for professional purposes.

Jennifer Kaye Ringley (born August 10, 1976) is an Internet personality and former lifecaster.

Ringley maintained her webcam site for seven years and eight months.

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Webcam support chats, like chats, allow for one-to-one or many-to-many conversations through a server.