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Adult chat for married women

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Their exceptional ideas often thrive – despite the pessimism of others. Self-Governing Thinking: Their willingness to consider unpopular or strange possibilities creates new options and opportunities that can pave the way for others. Ability to Live in the Moment: The “typical” individual often fails to notice what's in front of his eyes because he’s distracted by social cues or random chitchat.However, the Aspie tends to truly focus on the sensory input that surrounds him (e.g., he may see the beauty that others miss).

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I was busy and more than a bit shy and hadn't had a date until just after the start of my Junior year in college.I have only one purpose in calling my Aspergers a disability and that is to get the medical, mental, and financial, help I need (which I can't get if there is "nothing wrong with me"). He definitely has aspergers and was diagnosed at a young age.The only reason for that is having finally fallen apart (long long term Autism burnout) from having been forced into the life of a neurotypical since my birth.• Anonymous said… Thank God for people like him, because we surely have plenty of problems that need solved.• Anonymous said… In his heart he cares about people, wants to be a wonderful, providing husband/stepfather, and he is doing just that. My 23 yr old is funny, and loves her cats like they were her children. And different ways of solving problems.• Anonymous said…When there is an issue, he is direct, spells it out in no uncertain terms and makes sure that I understand what is going on.As I sometimes have difficulties with relationships and communication due to my own psychological issues, I am grateful to him for this blunt honesty each and every time.• Anonymous said…It has been my greatest pleasure, guiding him through life. My grand girl is amazing , I love having conversations with her ❤she always tells me exactly how she feels . Then I think you might have greater understanding of what others have shared. My children grown fine 2 are autisic and my daughter not. But when it's meeting time at school I hear nothing but negativity... I agree, my 12 year old daughter is fine with her diagnosis!! She worked really hard to overcome the obstacles that were preventing her from being able to read and when it finally clicked with her she took off running.

He makes me laugh, teaches me so many things (ridiculously intelligent) and is always there for me, when I need help (very kind) He's the best guy to hang out with (witty & cool) I wish life was easier for him, and that he could see himself through my eyes, and know how utterly incredible he is. I no I done my self proud but only my kids seen that. Having an Aspie in your life may be positive IF they aren’t your spouse or child. It does always seem to be the negatives people focus on in life in general. Her teachers all brag on her and tell me what an amazing influence she is on the other kids because she actively participates and shows a true joy of learning.

I see patterns where others see only chaos.• Anonymous said… We were married June 4th of this year, he is amazing. I'm always learning something about their view and take on the world, and their quirks. She's really good at ordering bookcases full of books. Her problem solving often comes in totally from left field, I love that about her. My husband has the benefits and I wish I were more like him in some ways.

I️ tell no one, and nobody even notices, yet everyone loves my personality and says how funny I️ am to be around. I struggle in the social side of life (and therefore to get jobs) but once there I ignore all the banter in the staffroom and just get on with the job.• Anonymous said… I really hate when people stereo type and categorize based on a diagnosis. My 12 yr old often astounds me with his knowledge of odd facts and trivia he's absorbed goodness knows where. I feel like I've just scratched the surface and yet I know them the best.• Anonymous said… His Aspie traits are minimal but just enough to cause me occasional frustration and loneliness.

I see Aspergers as a blessing and a gift that I wouldn't trade for anything.

I love that I'm a Aspie and glad to finally have been diagnosed (at age 53).

In other words, he has achieved the ideal of mindfulness. Intense Focus: Many people with Asperger’s have the ability to focus on one objective over long periods of time without getting sidetracked, which enables them to accomplish large and demanding tasks. Seeing Past the Bullshit: Their ability to recognize and speak the truth that is being "conveniently" ignored by other people is often crucial to the success of a project or business venture. Passion: Many Aspies are truly enthusiastic about the things and ideas in their lives.