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Understanding the reasons an individual chooses to receive, refuse, or delay a vaccination can assist in the development of timely interventions during the appointment. According to the American Diabetes Association, 11.3 percent of all people ages 20 years or older are diagnosed with diabetes in the United States.

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The answer choices ranged from 1-6 to correspond to the following options respectively: don’t know, never, rarely, sometimes, often, and always. Due to recurrent fever and renal US, ceftriaxone 100mg/kg/d started. Patient discharged with antibiotics for diagnosis of viral infection vs UTI. This case demonstrates value of follow-up for treatment and diagnostic purposes. Melanie Tucker Purpose: The purpose of this study is to assess if the use of the CDC website vaccination quiz with patients, during their regularly scheduled appointment, increases the delivery and acceptance of adult vaccinations.The intervention includes an educational session delivered to the residents during their academic afternoon.Results: Seventy-five participants completed the survey. Of the participants 39% report controlling their diabetes with diet and exercise; 68% with oral medicine and 49% with insulin; 66% have knowledge of fasting blood glucose and 69% have knowledge of A1c levels.Forty percent are interested in attending a diabetes education class. Melanie Tucker Background: Physicians are viewed as credible sources of health information, and the office an opportunity to share information about dietary modification.Of the students, 53%-80% marked “don’t know” if their patients adopted any of the recommended diets and 6%-33% reported their patients “rarely or never” adopt any of the recommended diets. Greater than half the pap collection fees in 2013 at the University Medical Center were denied.

The low fat diet was “sometime” adhered to at 33% and the Dash diet was “sometimes” adhered to at 27%. According to a 2010 CDC survey, gynecologic exams are among the 20 leading principal reasons for outpatient visits in the United States.

A retrospective chart review will be conducted for each resident (Arm 1) and for the faculty and resident (Arm 2) to assess the vaccine delivery and acceptance for 6 months prior to the intervention and 6 months post intervention.

The groups will be compared to assess for differences.

This project will assist in the development of individualized diabetes education, which may lead to increasing the knowledge and compliance of patients with diabetes.\Methods: This study was conducted with UMC patients who have been diagnosed with type-2 diabetes.

The survey was administered in the CCHS Family medicine Blue and Red Suite clinic during a two-month period.

While the majority of patients did not want diabetes education, it is encouraging that 40% of patients are interested in additional education. However, physicians report that they have not received adequate training to in nutrition counseling.