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“I think having multiple trucks all together would be more collaborative than competitive,” said Stephanie Crosthwaite, co-owner of Oregon Box Lunch, a food truck that sits outside City Lights Cinemas on Highway 101.

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They could put power in so there isn’t the noise of all the generators. And that would draw more businesses up the highway.”Currently, A Taste of Hawaii is the only truck residing in the parking lot. These rights include mandatory relief for up to one year and allowing a petitioner to provide a mailing or contact address instead of a residential address.ORS 107.718 • When any court enters a decree, order or modification of a decree or order under certain family and assistance payment law, the court shall allow any part to the decree or order to include in the decree or order a waiver of personal service in a subsequent contempt proceeding in order to maintain the confidentiality of a residential address.Applicants must have children or be pregnant to qualify. An emergency monetary relief order under the Family Abuse Prevention Act does not affect eligibility for TA/DVS grants. • The Department of Homeland Security may not make unfavorable immigration decisions based solely upon information provided by a spouse, parent, or other family member who resided in the same household as the immigrant, who is abusive toward the immigrant or immigrant's child. 1367(a)(1) • Victims of crime who are immigrants may access emergency medical care and police assistance, may have the perpetrators of the crimes against them prosecuted, and may obtain community based services necessary to protect life and safety. What began as a fad has turned into a viable opportunity for chefs to show off their culinary mastery with less risk.

An oft-stated myth says that 90 percent of restaurants fail within the first year.

However, according to a 2014 analysis of 81,000 eateries over a 20-year period, only 17 percent of the standard brick and mortar establishments failed within its first year. Cost is usually the biggest factor in restaurant failure.

The average startup cost is $275,000, and that is just upfront.

“The ‘Big Bad Brian’ is layers of slow smoked, juicy, mouth-watering beef brisket with just a little bit of the fat still left on it so you get that nice, luscious bite,” said Sammi Lewis of Craig’s BBQ’s signature sandwich.

“And the smoked bacon that's crispy, but not too crispy, so that it crackles in your mouth. Oh my goodness...”On Saturday, July 8, the “Food Trucks for a Cure” event was held in the Three Rivers Casino Resort parking lot where Lewis, along with her business partner Craig Hogan, served the “Big Bad” from their food truck.

If you are currently being assaulted or under threat of imminent assault or other emergency situation, call 9-1-1 immediately and an officer will respond.