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A few days ago, we also captured the adult female and got her band number!

4/8/2017: Sometime in the afternoon, a 5th egg appeared! Five eggs is the normal clutch size for kestrels, but this odd spring is throwing us all for a loop, so we're all keeping our eyes peeled! This pair could incubate ​just ​two eggs - we are all keeping a watch ​on the camera ​to see what occurs from here on out​.Once he has a meal, the female flies out to grab it from him, and this often happens off-camera.So it's been a long while since the male has been spotted, worry not - the true signal of his presence is the female leaving and then coming back quickly with food for the nestlings. All three nestlings look healthy and fluffy so far!So, the cams will stay on for a while, to catch when they do!Fledging doesn't mean the nestlings are on their own, however.We band them when they are about 18-25 days old, as their feet are adult-sized and the band will never get too tight from further growth.

Now, we estimate we are about a week and a half away from fledging!

We're kicking off earlier this year, so that viewers can witness American Kestrel courtship behaviors!

Here is some things to keep an eye out for: The male kestrel coaxes female kestrels to his chosen nest site with gifts and display flights.

Keep an eye out for the next nesting season in 2018, which typically begins in March-May in Idaho.

We'll be excited to start up the live stream again when nesting behavior begins!

Keep an eye out on our social media and forums to watch for updates.