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We provide coverage of beaches and surf breaks in California and Hawaii, or for some international flavor, our cams are in El Salvador and Costa Rica, too.

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In the meantime, some European Honeybees rediscovered the box and apparently are deciding to call it home again. Nonetheless, those of you who pledged will still get a chance to guess a species. Again, I’ll shortly be emailing the link to do this as well as other Birdathon followup.Swell Magnet offers surfers and beach enthusiasts a live, real-time, and FREE look at surf conditions on beaches all over the world.Our live beach cams help you keep an eye on surf conditions no matter where you are in the world. She will be on hand to clean the cam lenses from time to time. Pete 9/25/17 The at Starr Ranch tomorrow, Tuesday 9/26. Will likely start around 8AM PST and be out most of the day. Pete 9/1/17 First off, it’s been blistering hot here lately at Starr Ranch. There have been two juvenile Ravens around who have taken a shine to the compost and like to visit it often. I will also be reinstalling the watering hole cam because it is dry, dry, dry here and I’m seeing misc wildlife now even coming in to the drip that is always there. And while Gretchen, Jorge and I still need to fine-tune some stuff on the new cams for the cavity and PTZ I’m hoping to get them up soon. I was told that we may be back up before 3pm so I suggest you start checking back in around 1PM. But this evening it was a bit cool (95…) so I reinstalled the compost cam.Highlights in Belize include Man-O-War Caye, a bird sanctuary, and Lime Caye, part of a marine reserve.

Read more Isn’t there a time-worn adage about the unfamiliarity of the familiar? I was hellbent to get to Bend, Ore., for a golf bacchanal, but not every drive on Interstate 5 needs to be a straight-through blitz.

I’ve been through Redding maybe 50, 75, 100 times in my West Coast-venturing life, but for all I knew Redding might as well be Redding, Pa. Read more This is opening week for some of California’s ski resorts. Rose, both near Lake Tahoe, are already open, with limited lifts spinning.

Mammoth Mountain follows Thursday, also with a limited opening and $50 lift tickets.

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