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Freema Agyeman (born Frema Agyeman on January 1, 1979 in London, England) is an actress who plays Junior Crown Prosecutor Alesha Phillips in Law & Order: UK.

Nigerian musician who rose to fame when she participated in The X-Factor in 2016.In 2009, Agyeman returned briefly to the role of Martha for a cameo appearance near the end of David Tennant's final story, The End of Time.More recently she has also appeared in Old Jack's Boat with Bernard Cribbins, and the American series The Carrie Diaries.She was speaking ahead of the opening of Apologia, at London’s Trafalgar Studios, in which she stars alongside Stockard Channing.She told The Stage: “I know the entertainment industry is there to do different things, it’s there to entertain, it’s there to educate, but when people are saying it’s changing their lives because they are getting something they can connect with on screen, for the Doctor to be a female, there are all these young girls who are going to sit there, and whether they want to get into the industry or not, it just empowers them in some other way.” She added: “For these girls to actually get to sit there and identify – in what world is that wrong? We are looking for equality, and I know people start getting uppity about the word diversity – because that does make it sound like it’s something extra to put on top – ‘here’s something extra to sprinkle on top of the main course’.As a consequence of her time on the series, she also gained the record for most guest appearances on Totally Doctor Who, entirely discounting her turn on The Infinite Quest — although David Tennant holds the record, including Quest.

Agyeman wasn't away from the Doctor Who franchise for long.

She began dating 5 After Midnight singer Jordan Lee.

She was mentored by Simon Cowell during her time on The X-Factor.

When I was doing the show, we didn't get to come over to America and do any of the promotion.

The new lot [of Doctor Who actors] did, but my agent said, 'Don't worry, whatever happens with them, it kind of ripples outwards and the whole family reaps the benefit of that', so it's been great for...

Doctor Who star Freema Agyeman has praised the casting of Jodie Whittaker as the series’ lead, arguing that diverse representation needs to become intrinsic.