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And, as Karla continues to develop, I hope she lives up to the promise of being fascinating to talk to.

I have downloaded the standard files and it would be fairly simple to begin fixing them for the most obvious blunders. Cheers, The purpose of the update file is to override the basic platform files with changes.Recently I was wandering around the Web and I came across the transcript of Thom Whalen's 1994 entry in the Loebner Prize.What struck me was his character of the janitor, worried about his job because he had been accused of stealing a radio in one of the offices he cleaned.botid=8f41d64a8e36b813I look forward to hearing your impressions and comments on how Karla and I may improve our communication with the outside world. So far, it seems there is little change from the ordinary, off-the-shelf, Annotated A. Your dialogue was very helpful and I will follow through on the suggestions. Once you go through the Pandorabot Errors section and Advice For Beginners, you can start adding some of the "tricks" various botmasters have added here, like playing sounds, displaying pictures, and providing links to other sites... Have a look around this forum and see what you can learn.

When I correct the standard errors, my changes go straight into -- but will that always override some of the standard errors that you identified?

how she acquired a taste for "industrial music," and why she might occasionally "lose privileges."I think you've created something truly unique.

Thunder, without your encouragement over the past few days I would not have been able to continue to pour so many hours into Karla.

That's what was guiding me, so I was thrilled to read your observations about the direction I was trying to take Karla!

In the past I had tried to create sentence generators and even story generators in everything from Basic, to Pascal, to C but never seriously considered a chat bot.

It's possible to write your own category, pattern, and template and to then paste it to the file (or to manually edit or delete them) and some experienced botmasters prefer to do it that way.