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Albanian dating customs

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In there mentality women's should look after home and kids...But about this subject we can talk very long hours....

I found strength I didn’t know I had, and I started to feel empowered. On November 2, 2008, Women Empowered (“WE”) was born.My story starts the moment I got down on my knees and prayed to God to make me into a boy—I was about seven years old.At a young age, the difference in treatment between my brothers and I was very apparent.Fast forward to the age of 17, I married an Albanian man ten years my senior and moved to live with him in Los Angeles. He wanted to live the Albanian lifestyle; I did not.It was a painful realization because I did not want to hurt him, however I was hurting myself.One of my friends, Tamara who was also present at the first meeting, suggested that we volunteer at a women’s shelter as a group.

A month later, our very first volunteer day was scheduled at the Downtown Women’s Center where we provided manicures and makeup applications for the homeless women at the shelter.

The first meeting was held in Santa Monica at Bread & Porridge. Only three showed up, but it was a success in my book. Before WE, I felt alone and disconnected from other women as I’d lost three extremely close and important friendships as a result of my divorce.

WE initially began as a social support group where monthly meetings consisted of brunch, girls’ night out, hikes, and more—all with the idea to befriend, connect, and support each other. A few months passed where no one would show up but I kept at it. I hosted a potluck dinner, and I had twelve women in my one bedroom apartment in the Valley. ” Towards the end of the night, I asked each woman to share what they wanted to get out of the group going forward.

An enormous amount of fear is instilled in our culture if you are to divorce. I literally got up one morning, packed my bags and cat, and left only a note behind. For almost my entire life, I felt imprisoned and not allowed to be who I really was, who I wanted to be, my authentic self.

I knew I couldn’t stay in the marriage but I just didn’t know how to nor had the courage to leave, however I was persistent in staying true to who I was despite the possible consequences. That person was lost in the midst of family obligations and expectations.

Loyalty and hospitality are two core values in the Albanian lifestyle. Girls in the Albanian culture are held to a stricter standard as far as keeping up the image of the family name and reputation. I was extremely shy and reserved on the outside but screaming in the inside. The American life seemed so unattainable, but I was hopeful.