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Ammy hagon dating

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She had great connections with vendors and a lot of information that helped us stay where we wanted to financially without feeling like we had to skimp on things or make it less than gorgeous.None of our family or bridal party lives in Orlando so I especially appreciated having someone that could come to meetings with me when my husband was unavailable and just to have another opinion to bounce ideas off of.

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We also hired Katie to handle our floral and I cannot stress enough how glad I am that we did.The next thing I knew; Katie was by my side with baby powder making my dress look brand new again! I can’t even begin to describe how great Katie and her team were!She is incredibly prepared and has a solution for every problem! Katie made every step of the wedding planning process completely effortless and relaxed!What was SO helpful, is that after breakdown, BRW even packed up all of our wedding gifts and decor items and returned them to our home! I had never planned an event, let alone a whole wedding and she was there every step of the way to answer questions.From the entire year of planning, to rehearsal coordination, to wedding day, I owe my fairytale wedding to Emily and the rest of the BRW team! Every vendor she recommended was top notch and made the whole day go so smoothly.I could not have done it without them and am so blessed to have worked with such an amazing group of women! She answered every call, text, and e-mail quickly and with answers to all my questions.

On the day of the event, she had a great assistant and everything went so smoothly and my groom and I were able to truly enjoy the joy of our wedding day with no stress. It was definitely worth every penny, and a great value considering how much work they do!! We came into our wedding with a small budget and very little insight into what we wanted and somehow Katie made all our dreams come true!

Katie really took her time to work with me to get the look I wanted in every detail and was even able to make adjustments so that my vision would fit in our budget.

It was also so helpful to have one less vendor to worry about and knowing my vision would truly be able to come to life the way I wanted it to because they were already working on all the other details of the day.

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From the very first meeting, I could tell we were in good hands with Emily and Katie.

Katie understood my vision and I didn’t have to worry about making sure two different vendors were on the same page. Walking into my ceremony space for the first time took my breath away.