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Aoe online updating launcher

The Command Experience Points (CXP) you earn are based on a few factors: the difficulty of the activity (Story, Veteran, Master), how many players are required, and how long it takes to complete.

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2 advanced Erweiterte preferences Einstellungen language tools Sprachtools colspan id all radio checked label for Das lgr lr lang Seiten Deutsch cty cr country DE aus Deutschland ads Werbung services Unternehmensangebote about ?Once you complete any chapter in any mode, you can launch those chapters again via the Chapter Launcher (Shift E by default).Select the Chapter you would like to play from the selections on the left. Players can now toggle whether they are fighting for the dark or light side of the Force™. *Knights of the Eternal Throne content is only available to players who are eligible for the two Knights of the Eternal Throne subscriber rewards by having been a Premium player from October 25th to November 27th, 2016.As one side begins to dominate, players will begin to see the impact all around them, including new World Bosses that will require a concentrated effort from a large group of players to defeat. Light side war, one side must reach “Dark 5” or “Light 5”.Completing a Command Rank bar earns the character a Galactic Command Level and a Command Crate.

Each Command Crate will have several items including: Replayable Chapters Knights of the Fallen Empire and Knights of the Eternal Throne Chapters can now be replayed.

If dark-aligned players defeat these enemies, they have a chance to earn Dark Tokens.

These tokens can be used at the special cosmetic item vendor mentioned above.

Earning Command Rank is achieved by playing almost any activity in the game.

Every time you play, you earn Command Experience points which increases your Command Rank, earning you rewards in the form of new Command Crates.

Chapter Difficulties Players now have the option to play chapters in different difficulties.