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April scott dating

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She asked Liam to teach her guitar so he’d spend time at the house with Bianca but her plans were derailed by the arrival of their mother Joanna, who was determined the wedding should go ahead.She made sure both Liam and Bianca were going to be chaperones at the Year 12s’ informal formal then enlisted Xavier’s help to make sure Vittorio wouldn’t be there, also going along as a waitress with Xavier to keep an eye on things.

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She was worried that Ruby seemed to be avoiding them so followed her to the Diner and asked her if she had a problem with them living together. She gave some support to Xavier when he was worried about Tony and Rachel arguing.April asked Gina to install recycle bins at the school and was shocked and slightly disappointed when she agreed without much argument.Wanting a challenge, she came up with an idea to ban the sale of bottled water, so people would have to fill bottles from water fountains rather than throwing them away.She and Xavier asked John to present the proposal to council and, while she didn’t want Xavier threatening and blackmailing him to get his co-operation, she was fine with using Gina to get him to co-operate.She was pleased with the rally John organised at the local tip but not so impressed when he and Xavier came back with a not-particularly-environmentally-friendly car.She admitted to Xavier that the Swedes had rejected the proposal and he urged her to tell John.

She refused, saying helping the environment was worth the deceit, but when Gina overheard them she made them tell John.

April refused to acknowledge she’d done anything wrong and when she learned John had known she was lying all along she confronted him.

However, she was impressed when he stood up to her and apologised, agreeing she needed to be taught a lesson but saying Xavier didn’t.

Worried, since Vittorio had cheated on her before, she preferred Bianca’s other suitor Liam and suspected Bianca’s heart wasn’t in it and she still loved Liam, especially when she demonstrated a reluctance to discuss the arrangements and kept listening to a phone message from him.

She tried to push them together by getting them to supervise a rubbish collection she’d organised and was left watching on bemused as Liam and Vittorio competed with each other.

She was upset when John pulled out of the bottled water campaign after the break up, since she had just e-mailed her dad about it and didn’t want him to know she’d failed.