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Are stacy and clinton from what not to wear dating

In the photo, Stacy is seen looking happy and healthy as she poses in front of art work while on her phone.

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He continued: 'As serendipity would have it, I got hit by a New York taxi on my bike in Soho a week prior."I keep in touch with about 100 of them, believe it or not, whether that's Twitter or Facebook or a text message here and there," he said."But yeah, I had some great times with some of them."I don't think I'll ever (work it out) with her," he said."Once you've told me I need Botox, we're done." While there are still two episodes to air, Kelly is now officially done with "What Not to Wear." But that doesn't mean he has free time on his hands.The fashionista posted a photo to Instagram just five weeks after she went under the knife to fix chronic pain in her spine.'No back brace would keep me from a new season of styles …

and a dinner to celebrate,' read the star's latest Instagram post.

, Kelly says that if he never saw London again, that would be just fine.

But Stacy London isn’t exactly sitting at home by the phone, waiting for Kelly to call, she’s making new friends, including Shep Rose from the Bravo reality show Rose said that they are friends.

Not to mention Dora our little Morkie got fixed while we were in the hospital, so she's been in a cone with stitches.''Poor timing I know, but this holiday card says it all and allowed us to find the comic relief in the whole situation,' he finished.

They seem to have found the humor in the situation and have enjoyed each other's company throughout the ordeal.

In a 'holiday card' also posted Nick's account, the couple is seen recovering with their puppy, who also has a cone around his neck.