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Asset intelligence catalog not updating

asset intelligence catalog not updating-48

This time around retry/retries, server restart etc didn’t really help us. However, we’re getting download error “403 HTTP STATUS FORBIDDEN” for the patch files with “. The issues turned out to be with proxy and Firewall box configuration.There are a bunch of networks nated behind the source SCCM server hence network and proxy team also struggled to get into the root of the issue.

I'll show you how to migrate from SCCM 2007 to SCCM 2012.More details and log file samples at the bottom of the post. Try username configmgr\Service Account from the registry.Download destination = \\ACNCMCAS\SUPackages\Nov\979d1441-d8f7-4844-9a4f-a68abd66a68f.1\MSIPatch Reg Fix-AMD64. Before I start explaining how to migrate from SCCM 2007 to SCCM 2012, a quick lesson on migration terminology is in order.The SCCM 2007 site you're migrating from is called the The migration process requires unique site codes for the source and destination sites.The new Central Administration Site (CAS) is a special type of site used mainly for administrative purposes and to connect primary sites.

Parent primary sites can no longer have child primary sites—they can have only child secondary sites.

Scroll down the list and select Software Short Cut – Asset Intelligence (SMS_Software Short Cut), check everything in the box, ensure that File Version is checked as well, this is important.4. If you have the right hand third party tools installed, right click on the collections you would like to gather information from , select SCCM Client Actions on Collection select distinct SMS_R_System. File Version from SMS_R_System inner join SMS_G_System_SOFTWARE_SHORTCUT on SMS_G_System_SOFTWARE_SHORTCUT.

As part of monthly security patching, we had faced an interesting issue.

Network team was able to find “TCP_DENIED/403″ log entry and make necessary settings to “TCP_CLIENT_REFRESH_MISS/200” !!

So network and proxy team helped to resolve the issue.

A CAS can't contain management or distribution points, so when it comes to servicing clients, it isn't your friend.