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Atmos clock dating

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The front brake lever part number is 53170-MAJ-G41 (@£25.00) and the clutch lever - both in black - is 53178-KV0-670 (@£8.50).

Newtons did not sell boots or gauntlets, and directed me to Motor Cycle Accessories, in Belgrave Gate, Leicester.It always went back together and it ran without complaint even after my early inexpert spannering.It had only four gears and no electric start, the 6 volt lights were atrocious, and it vibrated.Könnten Sie die Teile nach England verschicken und wieviel würde das kosten ? Ware wie beschrieben, schnell und gut, gerne wieder.Would you please contact me if the article does not sell? It's been my experience that German sellers are reluctant to take Pay Pal.I bought it from Derek Hulbert's, a motorcycle dealer on Green Lane Road, Evington, Leicester.

This ugly duckling of a bike served me rather well.

Top boxes, 'Universal fit' mounting plates (so you can share one Givi top box between several bikes), windscreens, luggage and many other excellent products. If you spend more than £30, which is very easy to do!!

, the postage is free."I came into motorcycling by mistake, because when I started a new job in May 1973, suddenly I needed transport.

Any Deauville (NT650, NT700) or NTV650 owners wishing to contribute to these or similar tasks, or comment in any way, are very welcome to email me - you MUST manually remove the 'z' from the email address and put 'Deauville' in either the subject or the message body, to pass through my antispam filters.

Some useful words : Bremsbeläge = brake shoes / hinten = rear / Drehzahlmesserwelle = speedo cable / gut = good / sehr = very / Regler = regulator-rectifier / rot = red / Lichtmaschine = stator / Anlasserrelais = starter solenoid / Nockenwelle = camshaft / Kupplung = clutch / deckel = cover / Sicherrungskasten = fusebox / Krümmerhalterungen = exhaust flanges / Heckfender = rear mudguard / Rück = rear / licht = light / neu = new / Seitendeckel = side panel / vergaser = carburettors / sitzbankbugel = grab rail / kühler = radiator / (hinter) rad = (rear) wheel / rahmen = frame / hauptständer = main (centre) stand / Lenker = handlebars / Fussbremshebel = footbrake pedal Will you post this to England and how much will this cost?

More useful spares to stash in the tail cone : clutch cable part number 22870-MBL-730 (@£8.21) and the two throttle cables, "A" is 1791-MBL610 (@£16.14 each) and "B" is 1792-MBL-610.