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Aunties dating pondicherry

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In sharp contrast, many Portuguese people left Portugal to work in the other Portuguese colonies of Angola and Brasil.

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Nowadays there is no close connection between Portugal and Goa.What still remains and which connects several people is Mozambique where many Goans of my generation were born.Their parents left Goa after the Indian Independence.Also unlike Pondicherry, which is turning into a veritable hot bed for French nationals (both retired and fresh graduates) reeling from the economic crisis, Goa hasn’t managed to attract Portuguese citizens to benefit from the inexpensive Indian life.Meanwhile, you have enterprising French nationals setting up bilingual websites (English and French) designed to attract French expats to Pondicherry.there’s a certain curiosity to see what left from the Portuguese presence.

————————————————————————————————————————————- Goan Community Today in Lisbon ————————————————————————————————————————————– Nowadays, I think we can’t talk about a Goan community.

In stark contrast, Portugal hasn’t quite managed to pull this off with Goa.

An Indian national of Goan origin, I have met numerous European travelers who spend months on end traveling through a continent of sorts called India.

The language connection was lost a long time ago; the only thing that remains is the food with all the spices and the famous samosas (we call it chamuças) that are a famous snack.

My impressions of Goa as I grew older When I grew up, Goa was famous for the rave parties and trance music, which completely changed the scenery, becoming, in my imagination, a place of hippies.

Last year, after some short holidays in Asia and South America, I felt a growing a desire to spend more time traveling in order to have more contact with people of other cultures.