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His GP can assist if he is struggling with erections or he thinks existing medication is getting in the way of pleasure (including referring him to a psychosexual therapist on the NHS if appropriate).He seemingly wants to please you but you’re putting to him that this isn’t pleasing you and he isn’t listening – why might that be?

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Nadine s Fisting Fuck in the Forest Tiffany Rayne Fuck This Face & Ass Blond Hottie Liliane gets hard dick in her mouth and ass Sakurako - 03 Japanese Beauties Nice Brunette Fuck Asa. Medications for some physical or mental health conditions and certain recreational drugs can cause problems with ejaculation and erection.Reviewing how you both see sex and removing his orgasm as the inevitable end goal might allow him to feel more relaxed and under less pressure to ‘perform’.Have you asked him why he feels this is ‘normal’ and ‘good’ sex?It may be that he, like many of us, are used to aspirational messages in Western media, porn, self help books and magazine sex advice features all telling us that ‘great’ sex should be something we do as frequently as possible for as long as possible in as many different positions as possible.HQ Indian Tubes galleries collected for you on our resource!

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It is OK to say no to sex if it is not enjoyable for you.

It is also OK to end a relationship if your partner refuses to listen to your feelings and needs.

Cory Silverberg’s guide on how to talk about sensitive issues can help.

If he continues to ignore you, it is OK to alert him the discrepancy between him telling you he wants you to experience pleasure but not paying attention when you say you don’t like something.

You may prefer to write out how you feel or have a number of face-to-face conversations.