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Researchers were provided with samples of the '[email protected]' Ransomware in December 2016, which revealed the Trojan is aimed at Web servers and online shop infrastructures.

Fortunately, most server administrators follow a strict backup schedule and are very likely to have backup images of the affected drives.The ESG Threat Scorecard is a useful tool for a wide array of computer users from end users seeking a solution to remove a particular threat or security experts pursuing analysis and research data on emerging threats.Each of the fields listed on the ESG Threat Scorecard, containing a specific value, are as follows: Ranking: The current ranking of a particular threat among all the other threats found on our malware research database.'R-E-A-D-M-E.txt' offers the following notification: 'Hello, I crypted all your important data I stored the crypted data in your hard disk.If you want to become your date back, send me an email containing your ip adress.All of which is certain to make Rito's life suck more than a black hole at the family picnic.

The '[email protected]' Ransomware is named after the email [email protected], which victims are welcomed to contact after they made a payment and needed to require a decryption key.

We received reports from Spain, Germany, and the UK regarding the '[email protected]' Ransomware and it is safe to assume the targets of the Love Server Ransomware are not limited to Russia. [email protected]' Ransomware Transfers Files to a Password Protected Archive with No Extension The Love Server Ransomware behaves similarly to threats like the Win Rarer Ransomware and the Rar Vault Ransomware.

Researchers found out that the '[email protected]' Ransomware is not your typical encryption Trojan.

The folders that used to host your data are emptied and are not deleted.

Evidently, the Trojan associated with the email account '[email protected]' does not move the files stored in system folders such as: Web server administrators have reported that the ransom note is presented as 'R-E-A-D-M-E.txt' on the desktop of the server machine.

Threat Level: The level of threat a particular PC threat could have on an infected computer.