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Beenys dating agency

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"Already 99 per cent of buyers are finding their homes online.

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Ultimately, you can choose pictures of your house and do you own research about house prices without an estate agent.Human beings like a disaster story and there hadn't been one for a while. A crash, she says, makes you question whether what you're doing makes sense."A lot of people were doing things that were a waste of money. If you're bad value for money I'd be worried right now." Estate agents, this means you. Now those that survive will be the one's that have had to shape up," she says.And if the global success of her dating website, is anything to go by, it will fly.On, home-sellers can advertise their property for sale or rent at no cost, along with pictures, floor plans and maps.The more people in a conversation, the longer it takes," Beeny says.

Beeny believes that private selling will help to stabilise house prices, and may even bring them down a little. At the moment there's a slop, which is the amount you know you have to pay the estate agent." There are now more than 6,000 homes advertised on, either for sale, or for rent.

The site is flying – people were even uploading properties on Christmas Day." Does she worry about competition from rival websites?

"There are other sites, but they just don't do it very well.

The economic crisis destroyed people's confidence in the property market, and those who were making money out of it.

"House prices had to go down and did so quite quickly. Now the property market is a more realistic place and we're probably safer.

"We've been working on the personnel portfolio, not the home portfolio recently," she says.