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Here’s where Assassin’s Creed: Origins comes into the story.The newly discovered chamber in Khufu’s pyramid is already in the game!

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Zen Studios must have been paying attention, because nearly half of those tables came out shortly thereafter! Really, it’s more than half, since there are about twenty Star Wars tables.The DLC campaign will have ten playable factions, new victory conditions, and special story events. Even if you don’t feel like paying for more Rome II, there will be something new for you.A free Power and Politics update is also launching on the 30th that will revamp many of the game’s systems.Which leaves the Bioshock and Cold War tables yet to be realized, so maybe they’re still working on those. So it’s time for me to do my part in continuing to make it better. Continue reading → “They’re just scavenger hunts,” my friend says. The real point of the game is the place, the worldbuilding.” Many many hours later, I will come to rue these words. Continue reading → Earlier in the year, Activision and Sledgehammer Games had announced that opening loot boxes in Call of Duty: WWII would have incentives for spectators, but we didn’t know how it would work.Since Zen has already worked with Bethesda, I’ll accept a Prey table instead of a Bioshock table. He’s dismissing big-budget open-world AAA games like Assassin’s Creed: Origins. Thanks to some early footage posted on Reddit, we can now see that the process for opening loot crates in the game may be one of the slickest sequences of its kind made to appeal to gamer vanity.Last week, Nature published details of a newly discovered large inaccessible chamber in the Great Pyramid of Khufu.

Although no one has been able to confirm what the chamber might contain or what its purpose was, its existence was predicted by Houdin’s construction theory.

Thankfully, parts of The Creative Assembly want to get back to man on man action.

Empire Divided is an upcoming campaign pack for Total War: Rome II featuring the third century crisis and the dangers of cults, plagues, and banditry during a time of infighting and disunion.

It aims to make political intrigue more, well, intriguing.

Poltical parties will have loyalty status properties that will influence their effectiveness on the campaign map.

Total War: Rome II Empire Divided is available for pre-order now. Originally created and used in Fiji, it can be yours in Battlefield 1 for free when you log into the game anytime after November 8th.