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Best open source dating script

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The internet was created to comunicate one machine to another for learning purposes. Maybe in another 6 months you'll get over your frustrations and your dating website will be ready ...

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Today I would probably go for some CMS like Joomla and then add a dating plugin to it.That's something you have to work for - we just provide the perfect tools. Its a piece of crap filled with bugs, the code needs cleanup and your terms are even worse.Our Match Agency Bi Z product ( is among the best commercial matchmaking scripts available and multiple satisfied customers that run successful websites can prove this (just check the live websites section on datetopia). I would have to pay a couple of hundred dollars for every upgrade.PG Dating Pro – $399 and up (Mobile Ready App Option) Very good platform and simple php based online dating software.PG Dating Pro includes all the basic features you need to launch a nice niche dating website.This company also provides support setting up your site and with customizations.

Add-ons are extra but most other software packages charge extra as well.

With cool technical specs like mobile responsive and an android and IOS app component, you can compete with just about any other dating company out today for less than $1000.

$849 will get you (1) site license and the android or IOS app component to get your online dating business started in style.

And just a friendly word of advice, SPF is very high up on most of the search results pages, so disparaging clients who are having problems with your scripts may not be the best plan.

I have tested os Date and it works, but takes a while to get running.

I remember you discovered some minor issues with the translations of certain sections but all issues were solved.