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I'm not saying that web cam sites are bit..the way they can end up getting used and how people can end up being fooled by someone they may think a great person, but in reality, they can know nothing about them. I really don't like to cam in THAT way because you have no control over the "footage" at the other end - someone could archive whatever you do and upload it publicly without your permission..To pay to use your own web cam and believe the business blurb from the site owners, that one is paying for the privilege of viewing the cams of others, becomes an absurd outlook, for if everyone is paying, the business blurb means nothing and is cancelled out.As for people waking up and realising that it's all a con, a fantasy.....that's the point..don't.Its tough to find the right friends, especially if you seek them on a cam site. Free cam chatting, and the free membership and pay accounts (only $5 for 30 days access - and other members can help to upgrade you.) Any registered user can set up his/her own room, and can actually make a little bit of money with a popular room.I wish the owners of would set up an account with them, and add a room.We have hundreds of people on-line at any time of the day & we are the fastest growing Bi chat on-line.

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These people think it's OK, because it's the Internet and just fun. The very fact that a fantasy life, can, in many circumstances, take over from reality, is a rather frightening one.

In the long term, they harm themselves, because it becomes their dirty little secret, because they wouldn't behave like that at the mall, the bank, in the street etc etc. When people get dressed up, for a night out on the town, with their computer and begin to believe that the many faces upon their computer screen, strangers..actually best friends, life is taking a very wrong pathway.

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does not allow you to create a number of profiles using the same email address.

Today I sat nude for "60 minutes" with the cam on my nude form,and it was nice chatting with others who are bi or bi curious. There are a lot of lonely people on those sites and they fall prey to the game players and believe every word they say.