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With the new national expansion the number of requests for loans has greatly increased.Lending Club is offering great incentives to those who want to invest including a $25-50 sign-up bonus and an additional 5% bonus to those who invest more than $4,000.

I'm in dire need of help and this loan would really help me out.10.28%debt consolidationconsolidating major debts9.33%major purchasewedding expenses10.91%New Project I started network engineering company a few months ago, and now we have the opportunity for a new project beginning in January that will net us enough cash to really get the business going. My husband drives a NYC yellow taxi and making $1500 a week.It is a commission fee of 5% paid to the developer and realtor that was to be paid after the house was appraised upon completion.The home was built year ago and we put all that we had saved up into this house. We owe $542,0%personal loanneeding money to move to a new place, and medical and dental expenses.10.91%Debt Consolidation Loan Consolidate 2 credit cards11.22%Credit Card Debt I would like to pay off my credit card debt and pay a lower interest rate.9.01%Personal Loan I am a United States Marines serving my country like the rest of my brothers.I purchased the home in a tax sale and had not seen the property prior to purchase.Upon seeing the home, I discovered that it had been in a fire.I attempted to find the original loan on Prosper but was unable to.

There are only three loans on Prosper from Massachusetts that match the 22.75% interest rate and none of the personal information and credit history seems to match. The borrower may have also entered false information.

thanks10.59%Auto loan The banks seem to only have used auto loans for car years 2001 and newer.

I am looking at some older BMW's and don't want to take out a personal loan at the bank for 10% or higher.8.07%Personal I was interested in getting a personal loan in order to pay back existing debts as well as to have a little extra money in case anything goes wrong.11.22%Home repair I recently purchased a home in need of serious repair.

It may be possible for some to work the spread but it is much harder than it looks.

Current loan requests on Lending Club are quite varied and include debt consolidation, tuition, investments, business funding, cosmetic surgical implants and much more.

I have been a lender for 7 months, and see it as a good way to diversify my investments.