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Boundaries of casual dating

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“But honestly, if you really can’t see yourself being friends with this person or you have no desire to be friends, don’t say it.” Cutting all ties goes for you, too!Don’t text him when you’re drunk and feeling lonely. You’re leading him on, which will be harder to end things when you’ve really had enough.

Although it may be hard to say the words, sometimes an apology shows the other person that you have considered his or her feelings.Now most casual relationships are sex-filled relationships, where there are sudden bursts of chemistry. It is best to look out for such behaviour closely during the initial months to avoid mishap later. Clearly state the dos and don’ts to your partner, before she ends up treading on an explosive but invisible landmine. It’s Now Time To Please Yourself There is a distinct possibility that your partner may be swept off her feet by some other guy.A few months pass and all of a sudden you’re bugged by questions like, Are you dating someone else? If you wanted it to be casual at the start, then let it be so. So, the next time she quizzes too hard about your whereabouts or your partying with other girls, set her straight right away. She may fall in love or you might end up doing the same.This wrongly puts the responsibility for your decision to break up onto the other person.” The moment you say your piece, leave it as that. When you don’t respond, it doesn’t mean you’re ghosting him or her, you’re just making it clear that things have ended. In much the same way, don’t suggest you stay friends simply because you feel guilty.“It’s incredibly easy to say things like ‘Let’s just be friends’ to soften the blow,” says Madame Noire.Letting the person know he or she is a player or that you’re just not emotionally available will only complicate the situation.

Blaming will keep the conversation going and may add fuel to the fire.

This will give the person some reasonable time to remember the relationship is purely casual.

When you’re ready to break the news, keep it simple.

According to Bustle, ghosting occurs when someone you’re dating stops talking to you without giving an upfront, adult explanation about why he or she no longer wants to keep seeing you.

You’re basically left in the dust without a clue as to why things ended.

Casual relationship – a word that brings rushing to your mind images of partying, sex and no-strings-attached behaviour.