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Brett michaels dating taya

I crossed into what I thought was my field of dreams. Unfortunately I’m also probably way more skeptical than ever before. Some that have really, really interested me, others which I was quite skeptical about. Bret Michaels wasn’t necessarily impulsive in his decisions on Rock of Love. He made a safe decision, but not a decision that Bret himself could truly commit to … But when it comes down to it, Bret is a man of substance.

I’m sure Bret Michaels has a ton to teach us about beating the odds given he has the worst kind of diabetes known to man and he still finds energy, health and time to dedicate to what he knows best: music, supporting our troops and veterans and canoodling with 80s-haired wanna-be vixens. [Side note: I own all three seasons of Bret Michael’s Rock of Love.Chew on THAT.] It’s been THREE WHOLE MONTHS since I quit that painful excuse for a career move and I’m still right where I was on March 1st.I mean, I guess I’ve grown somewhat: I’ve meditated over the experience, did the due diligence of finding the moral lesson in the HUGE fail I had to endure, have beaten myself up and consoled myself a dozen and one times and have gone to and fro with lamenting and redeeming myself.Meanwhile, Constandina picks the wrong time to take a vow of chastity.- Two buses plus 20 skanks plus one aging rock star equals a tragic sort of amusement for us, the home viewing audience. And, in sad news for fishes everywhere, Inna Tuna is sent back to the sea. Where our belated reality Easter baskets are filled with punches to the head and drunken smack talk. - Natasha gives Kelsey the beatdown, Ashley is drunk off her ass, at least two former contestants who are not Ashley have gone into rehab, Constandina sticks a sparkly third eye on Bret's bandana, and Riki Rachtman totally needs to buy Mindy a copy of Don't Call That Man! - The girls write lyrics to a Bret Michaels song, and only one is clever enough to incorporate the word "skanks." Meanwhile, dull, catfights, dull, duller.

Riki Rachtman is once again our host, looking more than...

No ONE person was going to achieve that for them when the organization was screwed up, from the leader downward. But so much more to accomplish and, truth be told, a little fishy that as a group they still failed repeatedly to accomplish their wish list. Lesson learned: I left more humbled than I’ve ever been in my life. Sometimes a good song is all you need to soothe a dark moment just enough.

Once it’s over, you find you’re on the other side of the dark moment and able to keep on moving.

Only to realize that NOTHING was as it had been promised and what had been painted to me on the outside was merely an illusion … I beat myself up for making such a terrible mistake. She seemed like the obvious choice as she was so much more his style and vibe (fake boobs and all! Jes was cute, spunky, smart – the kind of girl other girls want to be friends with. The smart, flat-chested, career oriented girl that again, all girls would love to befriend! I was totally distraught with that decision because Taya played it up that she was a lady and that all her Penthouse “spreads” were done “in taste.” She portrayed herself to be one way but really, she was as trashy as the rest! All of the above has nothing to do with my life lessons learned in the past six months.

or a wish list of where they wanted to be but had failed repeatedly to achieve. Then, out of nowhere, in Season Three he went COMPLETELY AGAINST everything we knew about him and he chose Taya instead of Mindy! What I mean when I say I’m going to channel Bret Michaels, I really mean that I find solace in Poison’s song “Something to Believe In.” It reminds me that there are bigger problems out there, but I also know that we all have our own battles and we all need a little something to believe in everyday.

So a pat on the back and “good luck to you” it was. I have images of turning 45 and realizing that I never worked again… Add the stress of having one demanding toddler who at times flies off the handle to such an extent, I’m left wondering if I’m even losing at this whole parenting thing. Add a traveling husband who is here only sometimes (and Murphy’s Law has it that he’s gone when shit truly hits the fan.) Nothing is the end of the world, but every little thing adds up.