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Bringing people together dating service

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For him, personality and lifestyle matters more than age.

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He’s straightforward about what he can do to help and what his clients could do to improve.“Anybody in this business ought to be in it for the right reasons,” he said. I’ve been running Tri-State Dating Service all by myself for 25 years to help people understand how to succeed in life.” John also hosts a radio show called Networking Singles where he tackles everyday life issues, including positive relationship building, human accountability, dating culture, and communication strategies.Whether he’s explaining the chemistry of attraction or the dynamics of human behavior, John offers a logical and knowledgeable perspective on how to succeed in love and life.If you’re serious about your search for “The One,” you can become a member of Tri-State Dating Service to get solid advice and date recommendations from a down-to-earth dating expert.After working in human services for 12 years, John Holt developed strong people skills and enjoyed working with people and building personal connections.“If you’re really good at life, you’re going to be attractive to people,” he said.

“My show is all about life.” “I highly recommend that everyone listen to the Networking Singles radio show,” wrote Dr. “He walks with you every step of the way, gently and informatively.

When the date is over, John follows up and gives his advice about the next steps.

He makes himself available to answer any questions and making the dating process easier for singles.

The Short Version: Professional matchmaker John Holt established Tri-State Dating Service in 1992 to support and connect singles living in the Northeast.

With a straight-up coaching style and realistic matchmaking practices, John engenders a great deal of trust in the single men and women with whom he works.

But it wasn’t until he met his wife through a matchmaker that he realized what his calling in life was.