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Cambridge university dating site

We cover a variety of age ranges for our Cambridge singles – from speed dating 20s, speed dating 30s, speed dating 40s and even speed dating 50s.

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In the sweaty madness of the Fresher’s Fair I had chocolates and roses pressed into my clammy leaflet stuffed hands and then and there I became a member of Cambridge Romance Society.Some were honest and explained how they were stepping outside of their comfort zone – part of a change in lifestyle for one of the vets alongside taking part in other apparently comparable events, like a stand up comedy night? A total of 42 people (20 males and 22 females) attended.’ I wanted to smack anonymous Cupid of my emails in the face. I relished being able to say when I was asked that I was ‘interested, oh and I am writing for the Tab’ covering in one swift move the truth that I am a hopeless romantic and wanted to tell my children I had met my husband at such an event and my devastation it wasn’t to be. That sounds like a post STI test remark, and frankly it had all the fear of potential embarrassment such a moment entails. He can apologise all he wants for the poor quality of the red wine when he is hosting events and not in ‘disguise’ but why did Doug get more ticks than me? One commenter Sajeev Sridhar wrote on the page: “FREE MAY BALL TICKET,” while another called Mrodecal Paechter said: “aw, sweet.Speed dating in Cambridge is a great way to meet like-minded Cambridge singles.We get as far as the ‘so, maybe we should just get together?

’ There’s a long pause till we both shake our heads, stunned as to just what a disatrorous idea it would be. Doug and I met in the corridor both looking a bit shifty.

It's fast, fun and we’re so confident you’ll like someone that if you don’t your next Cambridge speed dating event is FREE! Speed dating in Cambridgeshire uk covers our busy speed dating events in Cambridge.

Speed dating in Cambridgeshire is one of our most popular counties in the UK.

When Cupid emailed me inviting me to Speed Dating at The Union I had no doubts as to who I would be bringing.

Since Fresher’s Week my friend Doug and I have spent so many hours together, dwelling in our particular heartbreaks, discussing all possible options for making ourselves feel better.

For the first date I was next to Doug – three minutes of which 10 seconds were spent downing my complimentary glass of wine, one minute drawing big hearts around my number on his sheet so I was guaranteed one ‘match’ and then the remaining time gazing around the room. One guy had tears in his eyes when in under 15 seconds he had told me about his mental health problems and another when asked why he had come told me about his past relationship, kept under ‘lock and key’. While I posited the numbers dying in Africa he reminded me how valuable koi carp are.