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The additional examiners began to receive their pay, it is true, during that year, and this item appeared larger, for that reason, in the last Report than ever before; but it was not till the year ib'52 that they drew their full an- rnal salaries, and consequently the amount is larger still in the above statement. XI^— Fire-arma and Implemen Ui of War ..%.» ..« 33 XX. — Wearing Apparel, including Implements for Manufacturing. The only other item which has been enlarged materially is that of salaries, and this is to be accounted for by the addi- tion to the corps of examiners made during the preceding year.

S $90,071 35 Expenditures 74,631 92 Surplus 16,139 45 The moneys thus refunded were never really available to the Office; nor is the payment of them any part of its proper expenditures. — The extent of the business transacted in examining applications, granting patents, and the like, may be gathered, in some measure, fi:om the following: S. Cases on the examiners' desks, January 1 , 1812 .\, 156 Applicadons received during the year 2,639 H* 2,794 Patents issued during the year 1,020 Applications on hand not acted upon 481 Rejections and suspensions 1 ,293 2,794 Included among these were — Parents reissued '. 2 The number of patents expired during the year is 625 None have been extended by Congress. j These statements fall far short of exhibiting the amount of labor per- formed in this department. REPORT or THC COMMISSIONER OF PATENTS FOR THE YEAR 1852. It must not be inferred, from the comparatively brief space occupied by these statements and tables, that the information conveyed is less than usual. It will serve, in some degree, to show with what a steady progress the busiress of the Ofii Qe has advanced for the period embraced, and how strong is the presumplioti that it will be constantly enlarged herenfter. It is known to have been the chief cause of several resignations, and has probably had more oi less effect in producing others. The liability to removal is one great inducement to engage in other pursuits. ,• 33 Liatof Patents for Designs that have Expired in 1852 34 III. Alphabetical List of Perspns whose Patents have Ex^iircd 4? 35 A'phabetical List of Patents for Designs that have Expired during the year 1852 43 IV. — Agriculture, including Implementa and Operations 44 II. — Manufacture of Fibrous and Textile Substances 52 IV. — Mathematical, Philosophical, and Optical Instruments 61 IX. 4,831 33 Totad expenditures .; 74,631 92 Refunded on withdrawals $21 ,159 99 Refunded money paid by mistake 225 00 Total payments, 1 — m 21,381 99 95,916 91 2 / S. •/ The payments to the temporary clerks have been unavoidably in- creased during the year in consequence of the increase of business, tendering the employment of additional force necessary in several depart- ments.

Classified List of Patents granted durit^ the year 1852 44 I. Received on applications for patents, reissues, additional improvements and extensions, and on caveats, disclaim- ers, and appeals ^104,485 00 Received for copies and recording assignments 7,571 34 . For salaries $36,674 23 ''or compensation of librarian 397 82 ¥%T temporary clerks 18,992 93 $56,064 98 597 63 For books for the library For contingent expenses 13,037 98 For agricultural statistics and purchase of seeds ,,: . 24,152 95 The sum, which is 40,292 38 is the amount of the Patent fund, January 1, lb53. Gforge Grains Joseph Richatds George Ropes Turner Whiiehouee.

Against these may be reckoned the numerous examinations of cases entered during previous years, and not yet disposed of.

These have not all taken place within the year, it is true; some of them were made pre- viously, some are yet to be made.

In connexion with this subject it is proper to remark that, immediately after the close of the year, the oldest remaining examiner sent in his lesignation.

Applications were multiplied — at his desk during this period, so as to enhance the laboi;s of his sqo S. More than half of the accumulation of the year has taken place at this desk, in spite of the strenuous efforts of itfl present occupant. Iron, manufacturing Iron ore, smelting Knives and forks, table Lock, door Lock, door Lock, door Lock, door, for banks Locks, manifold permutation Locki, mortise Locks, uunk Locks, trunk, &c Naiirs and spikes, headine- .

The difference in the ex- penditures of the two years is $8,999 98; of the receipts, $16,317 73.