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Chat lines with photos

Taking it literally the woman placed a passport photo of herself in a bra cup and sent him a snap of that.

Bored Panda have compiled a collection of some of the best comebacks to chat up lines found online.On the latest update, some genius decided the button should be much smaller and off to the right side.If you're right handed like most of the planet, forget trying to use the app for voice messaging. This app is how I communicate with MY ENTIRE FAMILY, and I love it! My one regret is that I can only get an extremely limited amount of Free Stickers without registering a phone number to get coins or points. I’d like there to be some way to get coins without having to spend money or register a phone number...Additionally, a turquoise notification will show at the top of the screen.It will either say that the message has been saved or unsaved.But did you know that your friends can save Snapchat messages you send directly to them? To be specific, I’m describing the text and picture messages that are sent directly through Chat. Only Chat text messages and picture messages sent from your camera roll may be saved. Pictures sent through Chat, not snaps, react the save way.

The ones you either type or upload from your camera roll. When you save it, the line on the left-hand side of the Chat screen will turn will turn bold.

I thought messengers work even if the app is not open?

The only way I get messages is if I keep the app open and never close it.

A full-featured social networking service: Post your day-to-day activities to your Timeline or comment on your friends’ posts.

Group chats: Share important information with your co-workers or talk about mutual interests with your closest friends.

This is a poor app developer by poor developers that STILL can't solve the most basic of features.