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Walter Greig said his daughter did not take much money or clothes with her before vanishing.

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The anguished mother said she and her husband then started searching their daughter’s things and found more than 140 phone numbers with 212 area codes written on papers and torn register receipts located throughout Breanne’s dresser drawers and school bag.

Anyone with information should call the state police immediately at (845) 344-5300.

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Debra said that when she and her husband entered the chat line, they were quickly discovered to be adults by teens who hung up on them.

“It’s like a different language, different street talk, disgusting,” she said.

Hours after discovering their daughter was missing nine days ago, the frantic parents of 16-year-old Breanne Greig started rifling through her belongings only to find evidence she’d been secretly making regular calls from their upstate home to a steamy sex-chat line. It’s like a whole subculture.” The couple suspect their popular, attractive, redheaded daughter was lured from her Orange County home to The Bronx by someone she befriended on a free party line called The New York Donut, which has “rooms” filled with teens and twentysomething adults openly discussing sex.