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Chat with black bulls

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Britain was a world leader as recently as the 1960s, but then things went downhill. Most of those black-and-white cows munching grass out in the fields are, we fondly assume, traditional, familiar Fresians. Thanks to the recent change of policy, Fresians are being replaced all over the country, with astonishing speed, by Holsteins, a breed that originally came from Denmark but which has been refined to a high pitch of productivity by American farmers.

The drive has been championed by the Duke of Westminster, one of the country's biggest dairy farmers.(One of their chat-up lines: "Some men can't give their semen away; people pay me for mine.") It is kept in "straws", or plastic phials, containing a tiny quantity of semen diluted in albumen, or egg-white.The straws, frozen in liquid nitrogen, are stored in warehouses around the country.We use a discreet billing name, forget about your significant other finding out and giving you shit.We're constantly adding new content to our members area.All this was done by one expert, with the help of six cowboys.

The breeding of beef cattle in Britain is still mainly by natural insemination, although that is changing. Semen is sold through advertisements in the farming press and by travelling sales reps.

From tomorrow, the best of British bull will be back in the world market.

Twelve weeks after the European Union's blanket ban on the export of British beef and beef products, "bovine genetic produce" is to benefit from the first softening of the EU line. As a dealer remarked: "If you can think of anything else to do with it, let me know." In this country about 75 per cent of all dairy cattle breeding is by artificial insemination: dairy cows must calve once a year if they are to keep up their milk output, so they are routinely impregnated by artificial means.

It was a closely-fought campaign that got dirty, but Virginia elected Democrat Ralph Northam to be its next Governor.

As Democrats celebrate state and local victories across the country, Republicans have to figure out how Trump factors into their chances at the polls.

An industrious bull may perform every day; a lazy one only once a week. Other bulls mount and inseminate females in the natural way, and the semen is then extracted from the cow.