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It was the kind of evening Jyoti loved, spent together with Awindra, whom she called Awi, a 28-year-old software engineer.

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He had to work overtime to earn enough to support his three children.Tears well up in his eyes, and he can no longer speak. They were so similar, both petite with long hair and fond of wearing jeans, and they both painted their toenails. Since then, tens of thousands have taken to the streets in India to protest how their country treats women, humiliating and discriminating against them. Jyoti's story also says something about a country that is changing rapidly.Finally, Badri Nath Singh says: "I always see her face in front of me." In a small, windowless shop at a market in Delhi, a girl points to a lilac purse with gold rivets. They even used the same cherry-flavored Avon lip gloss. It's the story of people who come from mud huts and fight their way into modernity. Mitchell and Cameron are finally having their wedding in the two-part Modern Family season finale this week (Sunday, p.m.on Network Ten), and we have all the beautiful and moving pictures of the ceremony and reception.They walked across the marble floor, passing shop windows displaying brands like Armani jeans and Estée Lauder.

Jyoti loved brand-name articles and had a Levi's leather jacket.

She was the first girl to be admitted to the school, he says.

Jyoti's friend Bhawna Singh attended the same school, located in a poor neighborhood where cows stand around in the garbage. The entrance gate is painted in rainbow colors and decorated with flowers and butterflies, and sayings are written on the wall here and there, such as: "Education opens the door, but you must enter yourself." Jyoti did walk in.

Awindra, standing in his parents' house in Gorakhpur, a city in northern India, says: "I like wearing it.

I try to think of the good things." In his native village in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, the young woman's father is sitting on a plastic chair as he recalls how his daughter looked at him for the last time in the hospital's intensive care unit, how she gestured to him as if to ask if he had eaten yet, how he placed his hand on her forehead, and how she had kissed his hand.

Seit 1995 berichtet Wagner für den SPIEGEL aus Asien, bis 2004 zunächst mit Sitz in Tokio, anschließend in Shanghai, ab 2010 in Peking, ab 2012 in Neu Delhi und seit 2014 wieder in Tokio.