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“I was so scared but I kept on going, I just kept on going.” (Sin Huh )— Sometimes the men just wanted to talk with the North Korean women. But most of the time, they wanted the other option: “body cam.” Watching through a smartphone app, the men would ask the women, some of the unknown thousands of North Koreans sold to Chinese husbands and living secretly in northern China, to show their breasts or their backsides, to touch themselves or perform sex acts on one another. They needed the money — even if it amounted to only a few dollars a day.

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The women talked for hours about their lives in North Korea and in China but, unlike some defectors who exaggerate their stories to make them more sensational, they appeared to play down their experiences, apparently out of shame.Many had been sold — some knowingly, thinking life couldn’t get any worse.But other women had been tricked into thinking they were heading to jobs in China, only to find that the man who offered to help them escape, paying bribes to border soldiers and arranging passage, turned out to be a trafficker, selling the women and pocketing the profits.[North Korea claims it has made warheads with ‘higher strike power’] Most of their stories could be verified with the pastor and broker who were helping them escape, and The women had a friend film them at work before they left, so they could prove what they had been doing.The videos showed the women — sometimes in brightly colored underwear, sometimes naked — sitting against a low bed covered with a purple Hello Kitty quilt in front of two computers on a low table.The newspaper also agreed to use the women’s family names only, partly to protect relatives in North Korea.

“If you’re working in a restaurant or outside, you run the risk of being asked for your papers by the police.

The State Department’s 2016 Trafficking in Persons Report noted that North Korean women and girls “are subjected to sexual slavery by Chinese or Korean-Chinese men, forced prostitution in brothels or through Internet sex sites, or compelled service as hostesses in nightclubs or karaoke bars.” The State Department reported that the Chinese government “does not fully meet the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking; however, it is making significant efforts to do so.” Although some women take the risk of working outside the home, shuttling between cleaning and babysitting jobs or working behind the scenes in restaurants, an increasing number feel they have no choice but to try to make money behind closed doors. [These North Korean missile launches add up to something very troubling] About one-fifth of the North Korean women living in hiding in China are involved in this kind of online sex work, said Park, a broker who works to get women out.

The Post agreed to withhold Park’s full name to avoid jeopardizing this highly sensitive work.

For the second time in their lives, they escaped, this time to a safe house in northern China, and from there they made the journey to the border, then walked to Laos.

“I was so scared, but I kept on going, I just kept on going,” Suh said.

Increased prices mean that some Chinese families are spending their entire life savings to buy a North Korean woman, and as a result the women are sometimes shackled inside the house.