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Chelsea harry dating

In 2011, she was invited to the royal wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, but revealed she would not marry Harry because "it's not the life for [her]".

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His relationship with Cressida Bonas was certainly marked by seesaw emotions on both sides.After splitting with Harry, Chelsy took an anonymous job at a City law firm, but she opted for a dramatic career change in 2014 when she decided to retrain as a jeweler.Now, she seems happy enough to use her accidental celebrity to promote the cause of ethical gemstones.For proof of this, simply look at the ongoing fascination with three royal exes—Cressida Bonas, Koo Stark, and Chelsy Davy.They make for interesting and varied case studies of the problems and advantages that come with being a royal ex.How can a former royal girlfriend get on with a successful life of her own after she splits with her royal love?

It’s a tough challenge, as public fascination with royal exes persists in a way that it does not when it comes to the otherwise non-famous ex-partners of mere celebrities.

“I can walk through the door and I don’t have to put a credit card down to secure a room, which I would have to do had I gone to the local bed and breakfast.”Notwithstanding the friendly welcome, her protracted stay there, and inability to settle the final bill, ultimately led to her being declared bankrupt in 2011.

She is now a committed Buddhist, lives a simpler life and appears to have found some kind of contentment and peace at last.

Cressida has opted, unlike Chelsy, to embrace her public profile.

But as she is (and prior to Harry had been) pursuing a career as an actress and performer (she went to dance college) it can perhaps be argued that she had little choice but to stay in the public eye.

They soon split, though; he called their marriage a “blink-and-you-miss-it situation”.