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Eric Scerri just left Michelle (the author of the Nature Chemistry article) a nice note about his periodic table.It is rather easy on the eyes – more than I can say for many alternatives – I have some problems with it. From my comment below: He notes that it (his periodic table) creates another atomic number triad with fluorine and chlorine, but I don’t see that as a compelling reason to place it in the halogen family.

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With one electron, it is the hydrogen atom – a radical. Surely an important part of synthesis, but not nearly as prevalent as a protic acid. Really only seen as metal hydrides and as an organic hydride in a select few reactions (Cannizzaro). When you think of hydrogen, the hydride is not your first choice for mode of reactivity. So in the end, I suppose it doesn’t really matter which specific pattern on which you construct your alternative periodic table.

Much less common than protic acids or radical chemistry. Placing hydrogen in the halogen family implies a mode of reactivity more like fluorine than lithium. The Mayan periodic table also got a request from a commenter at Reddit. Each row in the table becomes one ring in the Mayan version – so named for it’s similarity to it’s eponymous calendar cousin. How many times have you celebrated a 25th anniversary or centennial of some impersonal date (mole day! We love word searches and Sudoku because out of randomness we can discern a pattern. Groups of 12 or multiples of 5 become seemingly statistically significant to us, even if the construct is purely human. As long as it demonstrates the patter you’re most concerned with, then it is your ‘perfect’ periodic table.

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