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This came as quite a shock because I felt that it meant an end to my hopes for a college education.

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On November 19, 1919 we were married in the Salt Lake City Temple by Apostle George F. After the two years of farming, which had proven so unsuccessful financially, Velma and I were discussing our prospects. Later I was appointed Stake Sunday School Superintendent of the Hyrum Stake.Sidney Leavitt Wyatt - An Autobiograph I was born in Wellsville, Utah on December 8, 1893, the son of John H. Our family was a large one consisting of three children by a former wife, Sara Jane Barnes, deceased, and the children of my mother and her sister, Betsy. There was always more work than could be done and much sharing by all. However, the few who desired more formal education could attend either the Agricultural College, or the then existing Brigham Young College in Logan .I was fortunate in that the year following my graduation from the eighth grade, the town of Wellsville established a ninth grade in the City Hall.While attending Ricks Academy, I met Velma Ball of Lewisville, Idaho. She sacrificed so much to help meeven to taking the children to bed early so that I could study undisturbed.When I first saw her, I felt that some day I would like to have her as my wife. I received my Masters of Arts degree from the Utah State University in 1950.I accepted the call and left for the British Mission in the autumn of 1915.

I was assigned to the Irish Conference where I served until the spring of 1919. When I returned home, my brothers Wilford, James, and I rented fathers farm. We had about 50 acres planted each of the two years. I had taken extension courses, correspondence courses, and attended 12 weeks of summer school for four summers.

The Wahlquist Junior High School was just built and I was assigned to be principal, then after several years I was transferred to be principal of the North Ogden Junior High School where I remained until the Junior High Schools were consolidated.

In 1950 I returned to Wahlquist Junior High School where I spent my last eight years in the public schools.

We are steadfast in our faith that the family ties made in this short life are only the beginning of an eternal relationship.

As time passes and the family continues to grownot only in numbers but in righteousness, ability, and willingness to serve our Father in Heavenmay we always love and support each other. ACKNOWLEDGMENT This volume has been made possible by the help and contributions from most of my family members, as well as some of my many friends.

World War I was being fought and it was not feasible to replace the missionaries, so I was not released until after the conflict was over. We paid the rent in advance by borrowing the money. Both years winter snow came early and stayed with us. As it was all hand labor we had to hire much of it done. Yet at the end of twelve months, I had earned enough credits to permit me to take the State Teachers Examination. During these six years I had done four years of college work and taught school five years.