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Comic book geek dating

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It’s fairly common for female writers and illustrators to abandon the strictures and world-building of fantasy to tell more straightforward stories in comic publishing today.Of course, Allison Bechdel’s , a New York Times notable book that tackles the hurdles of online dating as an adult.

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So if you're a dating single who loves to geek-out over all things Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy and Animation then come join us for some fun or just hang with fellow geeks and who knows? "I think female creators have always gravitated towards non-genre types of storytelling," Nicholson told The Huffington Post."There's a need to tell the personal, to interact in a real way that you can't do as easily with genre storytelling." The problem, Nicholson says, is that these sorts of personal reflections, along with the dating advice provided to women in popular magazines, can be reductive.All Meetups feature Soul Geek-style Live Participation Ice-Breaker Games, prizes, & giveaways!These Meetups are open to all geek singles and is brought to you by the cyber-home for geek dating SOULGEEK. CHECK OUT THESE COOL PICS FROM OUR PREVIOUS MEETUPS: "It makes it difficult for us to see them as human, they become bigger than anything.

And yet no one wins when you look at someone as infallible," Nicholson says.

For example, my favourite movie of all time are Shawshank Redemption.

Recently, I was dating a girl who, honestly, found sci-fi and fantasy silly, preferring the realistic or historical movies. Molotov C0cktease and Doctor Girlfriend are my favorite characters. Well, I sometimes get excited about buying the latest trade/graphic novel of a series I'm following.

I think there's a lot of great comic books out there that can very well be considered literature (Watchmen, for example, is the War & Peace of comics, in my opinion).

Admittedly, I also still love watching cartoons, including sometimes popping in a DVD of Superman or Justice League in the morning while I eat breakfast. Not to say I don't enjoy something non-superhero or non-sci-fi/fantasy.

think there are always such silly ideas out there of women being mysterious creatures when it's usually quite the opposite,” comic book publisher Hope Nicholson says.