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Confused dating advert

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Al Hussein said the reality television star had used language in her Sun column similar to that used by newspapers and radio stations in Rwanda before the 1994 genocide which led to hundreds of thousands of people being slaughtered.The company's Twitter account retweeted Hopkins but Mr Staveley said a retweet does not mean endorsement, adding that it was 'great' to have someone with such a 'strong following' wade in to the debate.'We won't be removing the ad.

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I couldn't work every day as a full time model by starving myself, dieting or not looking after my body.: “Our fans know that when they eat with us it’s all about the chicken, the whole chicken and nothing but the chicken, so seeing one in our ad shouldn't come as a surprise! I have fond memories of our Birmingham Bull Ring branch, and I still have all those see-through jelly jackets.Some were made by Kendal themslves, whilst the rest were manufactured by Pakamac, albeit when fashioned in Taiwan.Mention of Kendal makes me remember other retail outlets which I used regularly in the 1980s-Faiman, Richards, Etam, to name but a few.They are also proof that there are genuine female rainwear enthusiasts, they just need tracking down. KENDAL remeber my wife saying it was a good make and they felt quality and very exciting the plastic was a transparent and one had like a print on it if I remember correctly think the shop was called the Rubber Shop such a long time ago sadly regards If it's the same Kendal that had a shop in Pontypridd in the late 1970's then I certainly remember them and the lovely see-through plastic poncho that I bought there; I still have it today although it's gone yellowy. Any chance of some details of the plastic macs you bought ? I once bought several see through plastic jelly jackets from them, in one go, and the girl asked me if I was going on a boating trip!

We all have our own, unique waterproof experiences, our own waterproof Love Stories, to adapt those Tesco advertisements.

And then there was the late, great C & A, with their wonderful ranges at such reasonable prices.

I bought my Adrina nylon mac from there, one of my most prized items.

Well, my see-through plastic mac certainly had some use over the past fortnight !

Wore it for most of the day on Sunday in Ambleside and Coniston and also a lot of the time on a Hebridean island, followed by a wet day in West Wales.

Two wrongs don't make a right,' she told the Huffington Post.