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Constantine american idol dating

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Maroulis is best known for his TONY-nominated role in Rock of Ages and starred in Jekyll and Hyde on Broadway.

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We brought a new and exciting production of it to the stage. PT: Well, we aren’t just saying this, but we see an incredible amount of quality theatre on Broadway, Off-Broadway as well as regional, and that version of . There’s only a handful of to get into show business (laughs). So my grandparents came to Brooklyn in the teens and got into the restaurant business with just the clothes off their backs. We left Brooklyn around 1980 and I was five years old ready to start kindergarten or first grade.My tastes are varied, and the rush of being on stage with them is bar none.With the [television] show and my solo projects moving forward, I knew I wanted to get this in before it gets really busy."It's been a fantastic year, and I know 2006 is looking to be even more exciting,” comments Constantine, “It’s great getting back together with the boys who have been so patient while Idol-mania has continued.Pray for the Soul of Betty is a different side of me musically than what a lot of my Idol fans would expect, but that's just me.And got me into Sinatra, King Cole and classic rock. My mother would point out all the Greeks that were playing Jets or Sharks (laughs). I looked up to them – like Billy Porter back in the day before Billy Porter, this was 90s Billy Porter. CM: Yeah, I hustled and knocked it out in three years and I met Boston kids and Berklee kids. How do you approach a project or what is your process if you have one? When you go in a lot for theatre, film, and television stuff – and thankfully I still do quite a lot and I have a team that really believes in me – you can’t always read the entire script most of the time. They are not waiting for someone to give them the money – no we’re going to go out there and make the show. It’s rare that you’ll find a straight-up sole studio production anymore. You watch one episode of and they suggest all these other shows. Thank you so much for a fantastic, Stephanie is a journalist, writer, editor, and has had several hundred articles published in various newspapers and magazines, many of which still are available online under “Stephanie Lyons Schultz”.

My sister was loving new wave, Echo & the Bunnymen and The Cure. She knew the Jerome Robbins’ dancers from the old neighborhood. So I looked into it and went there and it changed my life. I was working going to school and then 9/11 happened right before my senior year there. So what I like to know is just, happened before the scene then I’ll know how to play the scene. I had to rest my voice; no smoking, no alcohol, lean diet and a lot of water. CM: Coming up in 2017 I have a nice myriad of stuff to work on. It will be cool to get out of town and work on a show, come back and do some concerts, do a stretch on some TV coming up. So we are going to go and make ten parts of this episodic series, thing. (Stephanie) But what’s funny is that we have seven kids between us and they’re like, “We don’t need the DVDs. And I go, “Oh, God, my life is over now – all I’m going to do is consume television stuff.” But it’s just so good, the writing is so good now and the level of acting – it’s just so sick! So, we have one final question which we ask everyone – it’s our signature question. She has a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology and was a practicing psychotherapist.

I think it’s a strong place for good content as long as it’s not too much. ” (laughs) PT: (laughs) We see that all the time on Facebook and other social media. Some of their work has been featured this summer and fall off off Broadway; other work currently is under option.

They hope to continue to promote more of their projects in the coming months!

To take on a show like that and that challenge, knowing that I faced a lot of obstacles – a show that was iconic and ran for a long time.

My parents were born in the Depression era in the early thirties. It was very different from Brooklyn, Bay Ridge, and even Park Slope back then. And then I met Michael Greif who put me in and building a fan base. Remember, I had been in school and on the road so I really hadn’t seen it. So I said, “Let’s go audition – this is what we do.” We took the Chinatown bus down there to D. CM: For me, looking back now it feels like those were all natural progressions in my life. PT: (Stephanie) We’ve also read that somewhere along the way you did and many other shows that are syndicated all over the world. Me free falling off the show created headline news all over the place and it created a kind of fun, underdog persona and I went on to play that part. But I’m a survivor and if I had to go back to a regular job I would somehow figure it out.

(New York, 2005) -With an already faithful following pre-dating Maroulis’ Idol days, Pray for the Soul of Betty and their signature underground NYC rock scene sound are looking forward to hitting cities they have not gotten a chance to tour since their lead singer, Constantine Maroulis, finished his successful stint on American Idol.