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Crow valerie dating

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Now with more than 30 million places logged in and a host of celebrity fans, the pair are setting their sights on the international technology landscape, after recently going global.

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A user has to physically visit a place to be checked in.Firstly, your full list of places on Huggle is never shared with other users; only the places you have in common and you can choose how many of those you want to show.Huggle also uses features such as photo verification, which verifies profiles by asking users to take a number of selfies, which our moderators then approve – this prevents fake profiles and catfishing.Your gender doesn’t affect your professional qualities.If you want to start your own tech company and you have a vision then just go for it.We also have some amazing brand partnerships coming up which we know our users will love – we’re also continuing to build our U.

S marketing team, since we expanded globally end of last year. Stina: Val also forgot to mention that we are going to take over the world!

We had a soft launch in 2015 to ensure that the app worked properly, and eventually Huggle launched in July 2016 – going global in October.

Valerie: It took six months to build the app from scratch, but the first submission was a very simple version, which is why we had the soft launch first.

Whenever I’ve met up with someone that I’ve met online, we’ve never had anything in common – other than the fact we liked the way each other looked. When forming the idea for Huggle we agreed that whatever we create, we have to give our users common ground and we felt mutual paces do just that.

Going to the same places as someone else is the perfect conversation starter…I also use it to be nosey; I love seeing who else goes to the places I go.

We use very complicated hyper-local technology and spent a lot of time testing it so that we could accurately locate our users and give them the best experience possible.