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Cuckold hot wife chat

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After lots of texting we made plans and we met at a bar last night. I was nervous as all hell and wasn't sure if it was going to be accepted, rejected or if she would look at me like I had just ruined our relationship.Kinda chubby, low paying job, lazy, and (most relevantly) a tiny dick. Hi, I have always fantasized about my wife fucking other men and last Sunday while on holidays with the kids, she did just that.We have played with a this guy chris once in a threesome before, but this time my wife wanted to go alone.They had done some softswapping with a couple but never full on but they wanted to try.She had never been with another guy and wanted to try it and he wanted to watch.We welcome cuckhold wannabes, experienced hotwives & girlfriends looking to learn, Bulls & Cuckold couples.

Hi, I wrote some time ago about my beautiful wife Debby, who got a job working for an attorney here in town soon after we arrived in Florida.

At 10pm, I received a text telling me, "I am catching a cab now, be home in 15 minutes." It was the longest 15 minutes of my life. I am kind of new to the lifestyle and new to this blog.

Here I am waiting for my wife to come home from fucking someone and I am excited. I am looking to just share my feelings at the moment. I met this couple online and we have been texting and exchanging pics for 2 weeks or so.

So here it was Saturday night and my wife got ready to meet Chris.

She had done her hair, make up and put on a short black shirt, black bra and g string and a little black top. She even asked me to help shave her pussy 1 hour before leaving. She left at 6pm and while I stayed to watch the kids, she went to his hotel and had sex.

I end up staying with the men who enjoy it, since the ones who don't tend to run away really fast, if they're smart.