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Danielle glasscock dating

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Temple grew up there and was a high school football star.

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”“That the door would have had to have been open when the glass was broken,” said Holtke.He said when they got home, it was clear something was wrong.“The back door’s open and it’s cracked ... And, took my son across the street and banged on my friend’s house and handed them Evan and asked if they would call 911,” said Temple.Temple told police he had no idea what had happened, but, as is routine, the police were sizing him up.“...usually you go to the closest people.For one thing, they wondered how a burglar got past the Temples’s dog, Shaka.“They were saying if this was a burglar,” Clappart explained, “then the dog certainly would have bothered them.”Dean Holtke, then a crime scene tech, told “48 Hours” in 2007, that he thought the break-in looked staged.“If the door is sitting in this position - closed -- an intruder is going to make entry and break it out here,” Holtke explained of the broken window pane.“You would expect to see glass straight out this way,” said Holtke gesturing to the area directly in front of the door.“The broken glass would go straight out?Dick De Guerin is famous for helping billionaire Robert Durst get acquitted of murder.“When I heard David Temple hired Dick De Guerin, I’m going, ‘Jeez! Schlesinger asked De Guerin, who chuckled.“I can’t trust her word,” he said.“David Temple did not kill his wife Belinda Temple and the evidence will show you that he did not,” De Guerin told jurors in his opening statement.

But Siegler was confident and says the motive in this case was one of the oldest in the book, another woman.“It’s true that David had an affair,” De Guerin said in court.

And David, of course, was her husband, so he was immediately of interest,” said Clappart.

And, from the beginning, they found reasons to doubt David Temple’s story.

”But here’s what really caught the detectives’ attention: it turned out David Temple was cheating on his pregnant wife. But bein’ unfaithful doesn’t make me a murderer,” he replied.

He’d been seeing a teacher he worked with named Heather Scott.“Do you think the affair with Heather was one reason that the jury might have turned against you? To this day, Temple insists it was nothing more than a brief fling and that he never stopped loving Belinda.“Would you have stayed married, do you believe, given your involvement with Heather? Police believed they had their man, but couldn’t arrest Temple because there was no hard evidence connecting him to the crime: no forensics, no fingerprints, no DNA.

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